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Buena Park Yellow Cab is a Yellow Cab.  We provide local taxi cab and airport transportation throughout the City of Buena Park, California with the highest level of service in town.  Our popular mini van taxis fit up to six, with room for luggage.  Medieval times or Knott's Berry Farm, Buena Park is home !

We are the best locally stationed Buena Park Taxi Service and we are ready to serve you throughout Buena Park or the rest of the county.   You make the call,
and order GPS dispatched taxicab service right to your door.  We offer low rates
and special airport flat rates to major transportation centers.

Order A Taxi Cab On Line - You can also reserve a taxi cab online, through real time CHAT or with an internet reservation.  Simple and reliable, we bring state of the art to taxicab service.  REAL TIME  Orders ( Click Here )
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Buena Park's Taxi Service 
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Buena Park Yellow Cab and Taxi Services : Taxi to Buena Park Medieval Times, Pirates Dinner, Knott's Berry Farm, and Movie Land Wax Museum. ...

Move it - Move it Buena Park, California.  
Our taxi services allow you the choice of cars, vans, and limo service throughout the city and beyond.  Convenience, affordability, and selection of cabs is unparalleled and superb.  From the Buena Park-Convention Center to Knotts Berry Farm, we provide shuttle rates with taxicab service.  Explore the city with a van-taxi, which allows up to six to ride for the price of one.  

Need A Taxi Cab Now or Want To Reserve A Trip ?
On demand or via reservations, we take you there and back.  Licensed for most of Orange County, we provide round trip flexibility with effortless service.  With over 200 taxis and cabs at our disposal, GPS dispatch manages demand and responds well within your needs.  TaxiTrack from Digital Dispatch Systems provides the closest available cab, allowing you to receive quicker, better service, when you need it.

Airport Transportation By Cabs.
Take a taxi to most major airports and save big, when compared to shuttle rates.  Best of all, you can use us for the local attractions within BP and find us throughout the County of Orange.  Airport transportation is enhanced as we offer flat rates to the airports, significantly cheaper than the meter rate from the City of Buena Park.  

Comfort and Convenience of taxis
Enjoy air conditioned taxis and the comfort of leather in select units.  Need something better?  Try our limo service for those special occasions.  Why call anyone else?  When you need a cab, just remember our toll free number - 18004MYTAXI.  

You have a choice when it comes to your ground transportation or taxicab needs in Buena Park.

A White and Yellow Cab Inc   OCTAP #14
Buena Park Airport Transportation and Cab Service

Airport Taxi Transportation Reservations

Reservations by taxi to the airport are the most convenient, and with us, one of the most reliable means to the Airport.  Our service will take you to the airport at your convenience.  Your call reserves a vehicle in advance by up to one week, exclusive to only you.  Your reservation is not kept in the air as with most shuttle or other grouped transportation, waiting for placement with other callers, up to the last minute.  This exclusivity provides you the most reliable method of getting to SNA John Wayne Airport or JWA, LAX Los Angeles Airport, ONT, and LBA  ( or any other airport).

How to Make An Airport Cab Reservation

The easiest way to make a reservation is by calling us.  Other options include chatting a reservation or booking online through our corporate website.  Calls are the most reassuring form of reserving your airport taxi.  Booking through our chat feature, allows you more convenience and real time confirmation by a person on the other end.  Online booking with our form is another convenient method of reserving your Airport Yellow Cab.  Book online, and receive an email confirmation of your request.  Online booking does require a lead time of several hours or days.  Chatting and calling are "real time" methods.

Taxi/Airport Transportation Flat Rate

We provide a super competitive airport flat rate.  The flat rate we have is generally a discount of around %10 to 20% off regular airport taxi meter rates.   Special rates to the airport may not be combined with other coupons or discounts.  Our other discount of $5 off or 10% off is good for non-airport transportation.  The flat rate to the airport is a per vehicle cost, so up to six people can ride for the price of one in a minivan taxi.  This cost savings provides the "lower than shuttle rate" we advertise.  

Airport Taxi Transportation Pitfalls

Be aware of the "little guy".  Local Buena Park companies advertised on the internet may be one or two man shows.  Although they may save you a couple dollars versus our competitive rate - you could pay a much higher price if the taxi does not show.  Buena Park Yellow Cab Airport Transportation utilizes Computerized dispatching and reservations to avoid the "cheap ride" reliability problem. 

Buena Park Shuttle Service

Airport Shuttle service can be a surprise.  Shuttles may be a taxicab company in disquise.  One prominent advertiser in the area does not even tell you that they are a taxi company.  Expect a shuttle, and receive a taxi, often older and possibly unlicensed.   The final insult is that they tell you the shuttle could not make it, and they were sent instead.  Avoid this shuttle shuffle and stick with our reliability or a major name shuttle company in Buena Park, CA. 

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